Wednesday, October 13, 2010

This might just be the cold meds talking..

But, since I've been getting my DIY on lately, I really feel we COULD tackle replacing the ugly old vinyl flooring with delicious lovely tile on the first level ourselves.  Do the entry/hall/bathroom first, then the kitchen.  But, maybe we should do the kitchen first?  Because then we don't have tears over the whole toilet portion?  and having to remove that danged vanity?  Hmmm.  It wouldn't be till spring, because I'd like to get more confident with saw, square cuts, etc.  But I can totally see this!  The hard part, IMO, for us as a couple is picking out tile we both like ;)

Also, I want to strip and restain darker the 2 stairs at the foot of the staircase, and the handrail.  They're so 1990's right now.  Paint the laundry room cabinets white.  Restain both the upstairs bathroom vanities.  Tile the bathrooms up there (maybe that's a good first tiling project?  Re-do the master bath floor.  We could even put that heated flooring stuff in, ooooh posh!).  I feel so overwelmed at times with this house.  Especially the master bath - it could use a total reboot.  Put a stand-alone shower in where the toilet is, move the toilet over to where my sink is, put in a new (much smaller) double sink vanity in, and then replace the giant garden tub of unhappiness with a better-sized tub.  I'm torn on the whole jetted tub thing.  It sounds great, but if you like bubble bath it isn't very practical.  Plus, I've heard horror stories of how old dead-skin infested water sits in the pipes until you use it again.  Or clean really well.  Which, as you know, isn't what I'm known for.  New tubs are like a gajillion dollars I can't see that happening.  I need to just update what we have and live with it, even if I always have to use Little Boys real-sized bathtub if I want a soak. 

WHY do none of the DIY shows ever come to the midwest?!  (not counting damned Chicago...curse you, Chi-Town!)  I should amend my statement to be 'come to the smaller towns in the middle of nowhere in the midwest?!'.  I can make good soundbites, I would wear makeup and something other than workout pants!  We could be charming!  Bastards.

OK, ok...back to the tiling.  I'm wanting something in a medium toned brown (shocker!) and set at a diagonal.  I also like the dark mixed slate, but that kind of feels 5 years ago.  As opposed to my lovely vinyl which feels 20 years ago.

Time for more cold meds, and hopefully 9 hours of sleep.  I need to buy some lumber friday, during preschool!  I have a crazy Husbeast-designed nightstand prototype to build!

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