Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday stuff

Let's see...I didn't have any coughing craziness last night, so I'm calling this cold 99% gone!  I started on the nightstand yesterday.  I really had a heck of a time with the 10 degree angle cuts on the leg bottoms & tops.  Finally just clamped my metal protractor-square-combo to the wood and used it as a guide and they turned out fab.  I need to always use a cutting guide, I think.  It makes cuts so much easier and they turn out so well.  I had previously only been using one for larger cuts (like the top of the console table), but when I don't use one they get all wobbly and lame and not square.  Which then affects the actual assembling and I end up going insane.  Speaking of crappy cuts, I am incapable of actually cutting each board to the same size.  The shelves are a 1x6, a 1x4, and a 1x6 all next to eachother.  Cut at 28 inches.  I'd get 2 done at exactly 28, then the third is 28" and 1mm.  I'm thinking when it comes time to do the shelves, I'll lay them out, square them up, and then trim the edge again, using a guide this time.  So annoyed.

So, these nightstands are based on the Truss Shelves.  I'm using 1x4s for the legs and a mix of 1x4 and 1x6 for the shelves.  I think it would have looked nice to have a similar top, where the legs extend, but Husbeast didn't like that and wanted it flush.  I'm cool with that, whatever.  I'm doing 1 right now as a test, and if it turns out well I'll make the other.  I'm using glue & nails to get the legs & supports together, then I'll pop a screw at the end of each support for added sturdiness, once I make sure it's all square.  One tricky bit I need to keep in mind is getting the shelves on.  I need to do the top shelf first, as the second shelf isn't spaced evenly (another decision of his..I like symmetry and he wanted it uneven) and it's too close to the top shelf for it to be comfortable hammering from the bottom.

Here's where I am -
Not very exciting, is it?  One front leg, one back leg, 2 supports.  All of my other cuts are done (minus the last minute trimming, sigh).  I'll be doing walnut gel stain to match the headboard.

Fridge update -

SO pleased with this purchase!  Can't wait to do the stove & dishwasher as well.  I'm planning on 5 months from now, but knowing me, I'll end up waiting till next october.  Which is *fine.  It gives us more time to pick out tile and do the floor ;)

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