Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Oooh, I suck.

Well, colds suck.  I always make too many plans for myself.  It's like my plan-making skills are still stuck in the pre-child days and never account for how much of a time-suck kids are :)

So, still sick :(  It wouldn't be bad except as soon as I lay down at night it's hack hack hack cough hack hack all.night.long.  So, I'm tiiiired.  Husbeast is tiiiired.  Little Boy somehow sleeps through it when he comes into our bed, I have no idea idea how.

This weekend, I got ONE window painted, and a fridge bought.  That's it, from the list.

I can't take the sickness anymore, so I'm heading to Blue this morning to pick up a crapton of wood for 2 projects.  Going to get cracking on the side table my Dad wants me to knock-off one he bought (he wants it lighter for a different room), and knock up one of the nightstands Husbeast has 'designed'.

Hopefully an update about the new fridge later :)

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