Thursday, October 28, 2010

I need some mojo!

Oomph, maybe?  I've come to a complete standstill on that nightstand for the Husbeast.  Yes, we've been busy, but not SO busy I couldn't do anything with it :(  It's currently looking forlorn and lonely sitting on top of the pretend workbench I use, in the garage.  It's really so not my style that I'd started to hate it.  What I realised today is, this isn't for ME..This is for him.  HE likes it, HE wants it, it goes on HIS side of the bed ;)  So, I'll finish it in the next couple days..Cause that's how I roll, baby!  Anything for My Man (hahaha, I just spit coffee out of my nose..I couldn't keep a straight face!). 

OK!  So, I need to square it up, hit Blue for some decent self-tapping screws and a properly-sized dowel to make screw cover thingies with (This is the part I hate..I'm NOT a 'little lady working with some big tools, isn't that kyoooot!' but I can never remember the NAMES for things that I I sound like one.  When I bought some nail punch thingies, to sink them down so I could wood putty over them (see?  I can't remember!)...I asked the helper 'Where do you stock the nail-punchy-down-sinky-things?'..he laughed.  sigh.)  So yes.  I need some dowel.  To cover my countersunk screws.  Get the last shelf on, tighten everything up, trim any edges that need it, check for level and square AGAIN...then start finishing it.  The Dread Finishing.  The Dread Pirate Finishing?  hmmm.

THEN!  I need to get cracking on this -

My Dad recently bought a condo in warm city to retire to (gooo, Dad!) and he bought this little table for one of the rooms.  It is a dark stain and matches the recliner-ey thing he bought.  He would also like one in a lighter stain for a different room, but they didn't sell them.  I think it looks pretty simple and quite probably a good first project to try out pocket screws on!  I've been poking around, looking for supports similar to the ones shown, but havent' found anything yet.  He's also getting me some proper measurements so I can start wood shopping and plan making.  I hope this happens soon, since we've decided to drive up for one last 'Family is all together' Thanksgiving (or as Little Boy says - Frenchgiving).  I could bring it up then.  Ah, but if I were clever then I wouldn't finish it in time and he'd have to stop over for a night on his way to move to the condo in January!

Finally, once those 2 are done, I can start the Balin Console Table for the dining room!

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