Monday, October 11, 2010

Headboard installed, Corner no longer Cacktastic

We *finally brought the headboard upstairs this morning!  This whole time I've been secretly worried that it would be the wrong size.  It's perfect!  I love it, I'm so pleased!  Now I just need to get some nightstands built from the Husbeast's drawing!  What he drew was very similar (albeit much smaller!) to Ana's Truss Bookshelves plan.  So I'll be modding that and we'll see how it goes.  I'm thinking of replacing the 2x4s with 1x4s, and using a mix of 1x6s and 1x4s for the shelves to bring it more in line with the headboard.  I wouldn't mind doing some bright/colourful ones, but he's still anti-painted-wood so we'll go matchy-match with the headboard.

Such a sad sad bed -

But wait!  It's suddenly a HAPPY bed!  (and a bit rumpled...and lacking in the pillow area)

So, there it is!  And those danged presswood 20$ 4-drawer dressers we bought at MEIJER 6 years ago and are doubling as nightstands.  With very very badly mismatched lamps.  I like not matching, but these take it too far!

So, after the bed was all set up, Little Boy decided it was the best play place in the entire house...Which allowed me to make some headway on the Corner O' Cack!

It's no longer dooooom-filled!

Here's the rest of the room, taken from the doorway to the hall and the doorway to the master bath -

We inherited the border with the house.  I need to get rid of it, but it's not quite seering my eyes yet.  Paint as well..I'm so sick of a whole cream house.  But, if I had my way the whole house would be shades of beige, so how is that really any better?  So, I'm thinking, move the bed in front of the window, replace the dressers with proper nightstands (dressers can then go into each closet as they're still useful, just ugly).  Possibly build the proper truss bookshelves they're based on, put them in the Corner O' Former Cack.  Maybe try a couple display shelves somewhere else (I quite like Ana's new 10$ shelves..Love the idea of them filled with frames all the same colour, and family pictures from over the years).   We have some artwork that needs hanging as well, but nothing WHIZ BANG POW, just normal :)  Also, need a bedskirt.

I'll be back tomorrow with a Finished Finishing post for the console table!


  1. It looks so super fab! I need a headboard! But I would so paint it. Something all mod and obnoxious-like. I really want a turquoise locker cubby thingie. Put that on your to-do list please?

  2. You want this in steel grey or turquiose, don't you? (Minus the light, and for a real sized bed)

  3. Were you kidding? Because I totally love that bed! Light and all!

  4. Nope, I was serious! I can totally see that in your room. The light is too much for me to consider with a kid in the house ;)

    Build it! Go go gooo!