Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Stream of consciousness first post!

Hello!  I wanted to start a blog chronicling various DIY projects I have going on.  I've recently gotten into building wood furniture, thanks to Ana White & Knock-Off Wood.  We've been in this house for 2.5 years and while it's not OLD, it's not brand-spanking new perfection either.  We've ripped out the first floor half bath vanity, painted and put in a new vanity/sink/faucet.  Decorated our son's room when he upgraded from a toddler bed to real furniture.  Made a nice guest room.  Replaced the kitchen faucet.  Replaced some windows (not us, we paid for that!).  Have a TON of stuff I WANT to do, but very little that we MUST do.  The house is livable as it is, it's just not super pretty :)  It doesn't help that I am a total cheapskate.  Good example of this is we've had the money in savings for over a year to buy new kitchen appliances, but I just can'!   I mean, there's nothing physically WRONG with the fridge...It's just 19 years old, ugly, and we hate it...But it works!  So, I'm loathe to replace them, even though I scowl at them all daily. 

I will be back later with posts about the things we've already done, the things I'm planning soon, and the pipe-dream-someday plans!


  1. Wow. You went to the dark side. ;) I'm so going to let you practice on all of these projects at your house, then when you're good and seasoned, you can do them all over here.

  2. Yeah, well...I wanted/needed a place I could just set all this down to refer to later, rather than digging through folders of pictures months from now going 'huh...what stain did I use on xyz?' :) It's, it keeps me off FB so much...and you know I loooove to talk talk talk talk about new projects :(

  3. Hi Leah, I just wanted to say congrats on starting your new blog. I actually just found Ana'a blog a couple of days ago and I just can't stay off of it. I was reading thru the community I think and ran across you.

    Your headboard is very nice. Good Job! I am thinking about starting a blog myself but still not quite sure yet. I do have a website If you get a chance visit it and tell me what you think. I appreciate it. I am an interior designer and I can decorate/design in my sleep none stop. But anywho I have been thinking about making a couple of benches for a dining room table I currently have. LOL! I can talk too. Sorry if this was too too long. Have a great Day!!
    P.S not sure how to use the Comment as section right below this box. LOL! I hope I did it correctly. :)

  4. Hi April! Thanks so much! I love Ana's plans, they're really excellent and so easy to follow. Have you checked out her dining table bench plans yet?

    I checked out your site, it's nice! Don't tell me you're a designer, I've been moaning about not knowing any since we bought this house ;) I seriously lack any sort of innate design gene or something! if you start a blog, let me know, I'd love to read it!