Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Before I forget and it turns 2013!

I did the FB 'pay it forward' post a couple weeks ago.  I have Erin, Rhian, and Cathy..I'm glad there are 10+ months left this year because all I can think of is giant furniture from, and I don't see how that could possibly be posted to the UK for Rhian, and it certainly couldn't fit in my case!

So, here's a post to remind myself to do it, cause that FB status is loooong gone!

Painting when you don't really LOVE the colour - for that room

We've been in this house coming up on 4 years.  I think that entire time I've had paint chips taped to the dining room walls along with actual test spots from probably 15 different test colours.  Occasionally I'd take the chips down and throw them away and then prime over the test spots.  We never could find a colour to agree on.  After a year or so, one of the corners started to crack (not from all the painting..just from the house coming up on 20 years old) so that needed scraping out and then taping & mudding.  Which took forever because I hate drywall stuff, as I may have mentioned before ;)