Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday II

I've made progress on the nightstand.  I'm not loving it, though.  The third shelf is supposed to be about 6 inches below the top.  I haven't put it on yet, because I'm just not pleased.  It looks like a lameass sawhorse or something.  I'm tempted to take the legs off, and make them at more of an angle as the Husbeast originally suggested.

But, enough of it today.  We're off to the library before we owe them giant fines like someone I know ;)  I will mull on the leg placement/angle and maybe work on it after Little Boy is abed.


  1. If you never do another thing in life except for 1, my request to you is...KEEP THIS KICK ASS BLOG! I have been lurking Ana's Knock-Off site for almost a year now and I am shaking in my boots just looking at some of these projects. Your humor + your take on the project + your helpful tips = me being more courageous! You are definitely my go-to blog (as well as Ana) when it comes to starting my projects.

    What's that? Did I just Google Bookmark you? Now I can never lose you! Muahhahaha!!

  2. I think you must have posted on the wrong blog ;) But really, you've totally made my day, thanks!

    I checked out your Buy vs DIY and I wish you'd continued it! It's such a good idea!