Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Simple, Cheap & Easy Console Table finished!

Finally moved it into the house last night.  The poly on top still has 24 hours more of curing time before I can set anything on it.  I'll likely play it safe and wait another 72 ;)  I went through too much agro with the finish to ruin it at the last minute! 

So, the finish!  As you know, I had a heck of an issue with the wood filler not taking stain.  I tried 500 different things and finally decided it was just time to throw in the towel and paint it with black satin paint (2 coats over primer).  I did the base, but decided to try staining the top, since I hadn't tried that part yet.  I used the walnut gel stain and it took wonderfully!  Then, I did 2 coats of Jacobean, and one last coat of Walnut, since it seemed to be lacking something.  Did one coat of poly on the underside and sides, and 2 coats on the topm with a swipe of 320 grit between coats (not because I think anything over 220 is necessary, it's just what I had on hand!).

So, this is the new home for it.  That picture is moving away, and I'm putting up a large black-framed mirror there (once I finish making the frame smaller this weekend, then it needs painting since it's the old mirror from the half bath redo).  I have some crafty seasonal decor for it as well, that I stole from YHL, but as I said it can't go on till later this week!

My only other building note I forgot to add in the original post - Like someone mentioned in the comments on the plans, none of the 1x12s here are actually 11 1/2 inches wide.  They're all 11 1/4, so I adjusted the cross pieces to be 9 3/4 inches instead of the 10 it called for.


  1. L THIS LOOKS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm impressed! And sad that I turned you on to the building you're light years ahead of me!! haha

  2. Thanks, lady! Don't be sad, it's not like you're sitting at home with nothing to do all day, Mrs Super Smarty Scientist Lady!

  3. Shut. The. Front. Door. Leah, this is amazing!!

  4. Thanks! When I'm over this lurgy you need to come see it in person so I can ppoint out all the flaws ;)