Saturday, January 7, 2012

Holy hell it's been 8 months.

Wow.  I knew it had been a while, but not THAT long.  Well, I take that back.  You know how you forget to do something and then you remember and think 'oh, I'll do that real soon now!' and then forget for a long while and then you remember and THEN you kind of start lying to yourself and making yourself forget again?  Yeeeeah, I hope that's not just me.

Anyhow, whatever.  This blog is really for me to keep track of stuff we do around the house, so no worries right?  We've done loads!  LOOOOADS!  Not as much as I wanted to, but a fair bit..

Off the top of my head recap -
New stove/microwave
Ripped out the fireplace surround & hearth, retiled
Repaired the Pergo from my hearth screw-up :(
A few light fixtures
ummm...I'm drawing a blank here.
I bought a sewing machine :)
refinished some furniture
oh!  Exciting one - moved a light switch in the kitchen

I'll do proper posts for all of these soon (seriously, I will!  really!  Just watch.)

I've been seeing on all the blogs I read a 'Goal list for 2012' this past week, so I'll whip one up as well -
Downstairs  -
(one that spans the bathroom, entry and kitchen is the ugly old vinyl...must.replace!)
Entryway/Stairs - Change out the chandelier and paint (which begs the question, what colour?!!!!).  This is a long-awaited project since we didn't want to paint while we still had a hardware-mounted baby gate at the top of the stairs.  But, LB will be 5 in 2 months and I'm no longer stressed he'll take a header in the middle of the night when he sneaks into our bed.  The entry is 2 stories high, so if I'm changing out the light I may as well paint since we're going to have to borrow a massive ladder or rent some scaffolding.  I plan on painting the ceiling (same white) just to freshen it up.  I'm sure it hasn't been painted since the original coat nearly 20 years ago.  I also want to strip and stain darker the 2 wooden stairs and the banister.
Living Room - needs a second coat of paint!  Plus, I need to do a first coat on one of the pillars (hanging head in shame)
Dining room - FINALLY settle on a paint colour and paint it already!
Kitchen - We're up for a new dishwasher soon.  We decided once the stove & nuker were paid off we'd do the dishwasher even though it was 'fine'.  It's quite old and noisy and probably not the most efficient DW in the world, but it got everything clean.  Yesterday it started making unhappy noises :(  I bought tile for the backsplash, ohhhhh, 5 months ago, that needs to happen.  I need to address the kitchen window, it needs a covering.  I was thinking the DIY roman shades everyone was posting on Pinterest, but now I'm leaning towards a cornice with just regular cordless cellular shades.  I also need to paint in there.  And probably clean the outside of my cupboards really well, but then I'll want to strip & stain them and that's a massive huge job of hell :(
Family Room - Finish the fireplace surround!  It needs caulking and new handles.  We still haven't had a fire in it, sigh.  I'm considering making doors for the built-ins.  I NEED to paint the built-ins.  Also the walls.  And buy or make nice curtains.  And those DIY roman shades for the tiny windows :)  I'd REALLY love to rip out the beadboard and do board & batten instead, but the Husbeast doesn't like the look of it, so that's a dream for another day.
Upstairs -
Paint hallway.  Or maybe just wash it really well (more shame)
Install crown in the upstairs bedrooms(4) & bathrooms(2)
Remove the hiddy border and paint the master bedroom
Paint the master bath, paint or stain the vanity, replace the vinyl flooring.
Laundry room - Raise the cupboards to the ceiling, make cubby shelves underneath.  Paint.  Sew a curtain/hiding thing for the edge of the folding counter (to hide our extra suitcases and the laundry baskets).  Probably replace this floor first, since it's a danged tiny room so it would be 'fast'.

So much of where I wind up stumbling and stopping is just deciding on a paint colour.  So far, I love the colours we've used but I get stuck and default to 'neutral tannish grey'.


  1. Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog! I'm your newest follower ... oh, and fair warning, I'll be contacting you next week to invite you to join a blog challenge that some new bloggers and I have dreamed up ...


  2. Thanks so much for doing your blog! Seriously, everything you do is so gorgeous! I've just discovered you tonight (from Pinterest, a link to your insanely fab entryway (which I have massive paint envy over as well. Makes me wonder if a dark colour like that would work for us) and have been reading back through all your posts - so inspiring!