Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ugly Boob Light

I finally got so sick of our ugly entryway boob light that I HAD to do something about it.  I bought some spray primer & satin nickel spray paint a while ago, meaning to just spray over the bright shiny fake brass to tide us over till we bought something we liked.  That was more than 6 months ago and this is what the light has looked like since then -

Yeeeeeah...I never got around to it, total shocker I know.  Finally I was inspired to do it, probably because the Wino Family Kitchen Light turned out so well ;)  I removed the fixture this morning, then Little Boy and I went to Lowe's to look at some other things (flooring, shop vacs, what-have-you...I just like to go there when I am down or don't feel perks me up.  The endless possibilities!  It's my happy place.).. While we were there I looked at the light one of my friends installed in their entry (chandelier type..we also have one of those that needs replacing which is why I was browsing!).  Sadly, I decided the Husbeast wouldn't like it.  BUT!  Since I was there I looked at the Boob Lights.  I found a 2 pack of very inoffensive satin nickel boobs for 19$!  NINETEEN DOLLARS??!  I know!  I mean, you CAN pay way more for them, but these were double the light output, slightly wider, and not as tall.  Also, so freaking cheap!  I decided to buy them and if the 'Beast liked them I'd install.

Well, he didn't gag, so up one went ;)
So much better, amiright?! 

I'm thinking I'll use the other around the corner where we have one of those little dome hallway lights outside the powder room.  Or I could sell it on CL, I suppose.  Maybe for 20$ ;)

Before :(
After :)

/ETA - Used the spare light for the entry at the garage door, right outside the powder room.  It WAS a regular little white dome light, but when we moved in the movers accidently smashed the cover.  So it's just been a bare bulb since then.  Yes, nearly 3 years :(

Bare bulb.

New fixture


  1. Thanks! Can't wait to do yours ;)

  2. It's still a boob! But I like the new boob better. It looks great! :)

  3. You gave it a boob lift. >=)

  4. Quigs - It's a pert young breast rather than a saggy grandma boob - much improved.