Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Proof positive..

I've just received an email stating I'm no longer the Foursquare mayor of both my local Orange and Blue :(  This is definite factual proof that I haven't been as DIY as I should be for a while.  How depressing.

I finished the hallway, so I guess I can show some not-very-exciting pictures ;)  *I think it looks incredible, but that's because I was living with the dingy.  I'll do proper After pics when I change out the old air return vent.  Previous Owners painted over it, which is SO annoying.
This was the area you see coming up the stairs -
(This was AFTER scrubbing it!  Seriously!)

Another picture of ugly, including a dent.

Looking up at the ceiling where the damned drywall tape is giving up the ghost - 
That will need to be addressed this spring when we change out the entry chandelier and repaint that whole area, which includes the stairwell.
And finally, just a quick in-progress pic to show the White Truffle (aka, white) (satin finish) against the old creamy dingy -

I wonder if I hit up Orange and Blue tomorrow for a vent cover I might get my mayorships back ;)

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