Sunday, January 15, 2012

It's like opening a can of worms..

Today I decided to finish repairing those drywall-screw pops in the corner of the living room - which is the reason I have yet to do the second coat of paint.  I got the first coat up and was going to do the second the next day but then saw 3 pops in one corner.  Easy enough to fix, would only take 10 minutes to screw them in a few turns and slap on some spackle.  Wait a day to dry then paint!

Yeeeeah no...that was last May.  I started the repair today but when I was up on the chair and my head was nearer to the ceiling I noticed a freaking LINE of pops ON THE CEILING!  Argh!  I was so annoyed.  There's nothing I hate more than painting a ceiling.  Well, ok, I hate actual drywall repair even more, but it's close!  I do have to admit that a freshly painted ceiling is a beautiful thing.  It really brightens it up and makes it fresh. And while my head was up there, I noticed the caulking on some of the crown was looking a bit raggedy, so that really needs to be scraped off and recaulked...and then repainted.

So, to try and keep my good mood mojo going, I decided to tackle a much smaller project - the upstairs hallway!  It's just ugly.  They used flat paint and flat paint + a 4 year old just doesn't mix.  You can't SCRUB flat, and it shows every single thing.  I've been grinding my mental teeth at that hallway for a year or so now, knowing it needed painting but not sure what colour to paint it (remember, whole house was painted a heavy cream before we bought it)...But then, ding ding ding, I remembered I have most of a gallon of the colour I used on the living room pillars - white truffle.  In satin!  Much more scrubbable than a flat.

So, I went up to wash the walls so I could paint tomorrow.  Which is when I discovered 2 more drywall screw pops.  Also, the drywall tape between the ceiling and one long wall is coming unstuck.  I HATE repairing drywall tape!  Not only do you have the hassle of taping/mudding, but then when it's done you have to prime & paint - both the wall and the entire danged ceiling!  I finally said screw it (ha) and I'd worry about the ceiling another day.  I NEED that hallway painted this week, it's finally to the point where I can't stand it.  So, I repaired the pops, filled some dings, sanded some splodges, and washed the walls.  I'll throw some primer over the spackled bits tomorrow and paint tuesday - and it will be GORGEOUS!  Nice, creamy, white and scrubbable :)

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