Saturday, November 6, 2010

Saturday Plan

More winterising and trying to get stuff off the to-do list!

Husbeast is heading to Orange or Blue to get new weather stripping for all of the doors.  Also, he will be taking care of the TP holder that's come out of the wall in the little bathroom.  Needs to be moved over half an inch or needs a new anchor, we'll see.  Need to measure and cut the 2 pieces of baseboard that go next to the vanity in there.  (No, we haven't done that yet...yes, we did the vanity last MARCH!).  Replace the furnace filter.

I'm working on Sam's bedroom window, the guest room window, and the master bath window.  If I prime the little spots today and get them washed, then I can paint them properly Sunday & Monday (during preschool) and call that whole project done until next spring when we need to start replacing some of the windows :(  I need to take down screens, store them (in the laundry room..which needs tidying.  My main motivation for that is finding all of my giant fuzzy socks).  I would like to get the nightstand stained this weekend as well.  I can poly monday or wednesday.  It's supposed to be pretty nice this coming week, in the 50s and 60s!  Makes it less painful to have a window open for the day, that's for sure.

I have too many things I want to do, yet again.  I need to stop looking at plans and ideas and things other people are doing, get MY stuff done that NEEDS doing, and then I can start fun stuff again ;)

/ETA - Got the weather stripping & TP Holder done.  The weatherstripping of the front door took FOREVER and we needed to actually remove the door to complete it.  So, that's all that got done today.  I'll start the windows tomorrow, and the bathroom baseboard.  Husbeast is on tap for the furnace filter and we realised today we need to change the main duct to be mainly downstairs.  It's COZY upstairs, and cold down here.  It's a Fall/Spring task, we just forgot ;)

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