Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday Monday..

Got the 3 windows upstairs washed & primed today.  Little Boy's bedroom, guest room, and the master bathroom windows.  They're all single-wide.  No rot, just flaking paint :)  Also, scrubbed/scraped/sanded/primed the peeling ceiling in the master bath.  I'm assuming the ceiling paint hasn't been done since the house was built 17 or 18 years ago.  It was flaking & peeling in random spots, so I'm not necessarily blaming humidity at this time.  Although, I've become a bit of a fan-Nazi for at least part of my shower! 

Tomorrow afternoon, I'll caulk any gaps and prime again.  They may or may not get properly painted Wednesday.  Two coats of primer should hold them through the winter!  I am so damned sick of windows.  Window painting, washing, maintenance, discovering they're rotten, trying to fit new windows into the budget, discovering the rotten part of the patio doors, even picking out a stupid blind or curtain for the kitchen sink window..anything with glass can kiss my ass at this point!

I'd rather spend Wednesday preschool time staining the nightstand!  I never got to work on it this weekend, time just ran away from me.

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