Monday, November 15, 2010

Rolling Crate Cart

It's gotten colder and I'm at a loss as to how to poly the I've been letting it sit.  What a shock!  Little Boy has been wanting to do a project with me, so I pulled out the stuff to make 2 10$ ledges (11$ for me, to be more accurate) and a Vintage Crate Cart.  I didn't have any pallets to break down (still haven't worked up my nerve to ask anyone when I see them) so I checked all of my scraps and had just enough if I changed the slats...I had 3 1x4s instead of the 6 it called for, but, I DID have 2 1x3s and a 1x6, so I went with that.  It ends up being the same, height-wise, it just looks a teensy different.   I had had Orange cut down some 3/4" plywood for me yesterday.  I bought a 4x8 sheet and had 2 8" strips cut at 11 1/2".  This is just to have some '1x12' on hand that is the same size as Ana's crazy Alaskan 1x12, instead of being 1/4" narrower.  I'll use it when I don't feel like changing all the measurements in a plan to be 1/4" shorter on the cuts, or when something is going to be painted, versus stained.  I will probably end up using some of it for my Dad's table, but I'll do edge-banding on that.  SO!  Long story, slightly less long  I used the plywood for the 1x12 sides in the plan ;)

We went old school with it, so he could help as much as possible.  I used the jigsaw, and a plain hammer and nails for everything but the bottom.  It went pretty well, actually.  Neither of us had any injuries, except he wacked my thumb once.  It's not square, by about 1/3rd inch, which hurts me.  I'll live though!  He had a great time and it got the garage cleaner - I had set the stick of cleaning the garage and finding somewhere to store my wood stash (so much bigger than my yarn stash, but represents less $$$) before we could get started, and I'm glad I did!  We spent all afternoon on the crate, and never got to the ledges.

Once he went to bed, I drilled & jigsawed the handholds (SO uneven, ugh) and sanded the heck out of the whole thing.  I asked Little Boy how he wanted it finished and he said he wants paint & glitter. (I'd prefer a nice stain, maybe a stencil, and some poly)  Talking with the Husbeast tonight, he suggested a bright base colour and some large glitter bits, covered with poly or mod-podge or whatever.  He also suggested I sand down the upper corners, since LB is so clumsy these days.  So, after our playdate tomorrow morning, we'll prime it, then LB and I will head to Hobby Lobby to see what sort of decorations we can find, and Orange or Blue for some wheels!  I have a can of bright red paint in a cupboard from doing the stripes in his bedroom, hopefully that will be an approved colour (I also have a can of maybe I'll do a stencil to satisfy me, and he can glitter everywhere else).  If not, we can always check the oops paint while we're out!

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