Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Awwww, I really DO love him!

I finally powered through and got my mojo back!  Brought everything inside to the dining room, so I could crank up some tunes and get this knocked out during preschool today.  Squared it all up, added the middle shelf & supports, and threw some 2" wood screws into the end of each support to just give it some added stability.  Made it just in time to get the Little Boy from preschool!

Nail & screw holes are filled.  Waiting for that to dry, then I'm going to be a cheater!  It seems I was off by about a mm on one board for each shelf, so I'm just going to clamp a guide on and run the circular saw along the edges tonight.  Then, sanding, prestain wood conditioner, stain and poly!

You'd better love this, Husbeast ;)

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  1. You have far to many followers! Bedside Table looks great though :)