Monday, November 8, 2010

Master Bathroom Blah

Current plans for the master bathroom - do the ceiling, paint the walls Valspar's 'Sea Salt', strip & stain the vanity cabinets a java or espresso colour.  New shower curtain & rug, new towel & TP holder, new cabinet hardware. 

I would LOVE to eventually build a new cabinet base, going with a standard width from Blue or Orange (I think 47" for a double sink?), buy a new top (although, I wouldn't mind saving the dough and doing a wood top with a crapton of poly.  But in spite of being a wood-lover, Husbeast is dead against this), replace the GIANT mirror with 2 smaller mirrors, build a floor-ceiling linen cabinet either right inside the door, or between the new vanity and the bog (either option would involve moving an electrical outlet).  New flooring.  I don't care what anymore, it's just ugly.  I wouldn't mind the new 'stone tile' mimic vinyl.  It looks really good, and seems to be a good choice for a budget redo.  Considering knocking into the wall to do some cubbie-shelves in between the studs (this could look nice in between the 2 mirrors).

Pipe-dreams - Replace the garden tub with a smaller jet tub.  It can fit 2, sure, but not the 4 we currently can get in there!  (Such a waste of a tub, we can't even use it, it's too big to fill!)  Put a shower in where the bog is.  Move the bog over (where my sink is), and then put in a smaller vanity, sacrificing a sink if need be or even part of my walk-in closet to make more room.  Heated stone floor.  Glass block window.

Pics from when we moved in -

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