Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Light, light everywhere! Well, in the kitchen..

Hi!!!  I'm super excited about this post!  A good friend of mine down the street (I'm going to call them the Winos, because they always have wine and I love it) has started to jump on the DIY bandwagon updating her kitchen, and wanted an assist with the lighting situation.  It was ug-ug-ugly.  Classic early-90's brass horror -

This is the kitchen table light.  We'll get to the kitchen island light later in the next few weeks (but seriously, that's the one we REALLY want to do...cause it's going to be MAJOR and us)

We were both kind of looking at lighting in general and then I came across this post (I love them!) -  Scroll down to the light section..Brilliant, right??  I know!  Luckfully, Mrs Wino (lol) is totally loving the ORB and was updating her knobs & pulls to that this week anyway.  We hit Orange with all 3 kids in tow (she has 2) to pick out knobs and while there we got some spray primer and that wonderful ORB spray paint, and then we Went.To.Town!
First coat of primer on.  We held hands a bit during this and the first coat of ORB, but then Mrs Wino did the rest herself, and she did GREAT!  Check out the empty wine bottle doubling as a light holder!  Brilliant!

How much better does this look?  10 times?  100?  At least a googleplex.  LOVE!  It turned out really well.  yes, there's some spots that need touching up, and a few drips but nobody is going to see them unless they're looking *really closely! 

I had to take a pic of the wine bottle :)  It served us well!

/ETA - I'm just keeping my fingers crossed for the next few days that their house doesn't burn down, since I'm the one who wired the light back up...I told her that if it does they can have our house.

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