Friday, March 4, 2011

Dad's Table - DONE!

And virtually gone, too!  It's packed into the most full car I have ever seen, waiting to leave in the morning to continue its journey west.  It was a near thing, as I procrastinated for so long that I was doing the last coat of Polyshades (Classic Oak) last night after everyone went to bed.  I really hate oil-based stain/poly, hence the delay.

Here it is, pre-stain -

The top is a 1x12 framed with 1x2.  held together by glue and screws (Kreg Jig!).  I did a free-hand dangerous as hell jigsaw cut for the pretty support pieces.  The vertical supports for the magazine rack are birch dowel.  The bottom is a 1x10.

Here's a refresher to the pic I was given and told 'make it so!' -

Here's 2 coats of stain (#0000 steal wool in between coats).  Classic Oak Polyshades (stain + poly) by Minwax -

I'm extra-happy with the screw cover buttons I used!

In the natural habitat..Well, placed next to our couch, to give some attempt at scale.

Shot of the top, with the framing around the 1x12.

Goodbye, Tabley-table!  (Don't you love how creative I get with names?)  I will not miss you, even though I'm HELLA PROUD of you!  I took a really dark picture of a table I've never seen in real life, some sketchy measurements made by my dear Auntie who probably can't bend down very well anymore, and some really piss-poor building skills plus a pocketful of 'heck yeah I can do this!' and did it :)  I hope you enjoy your new home at my Dad's new condo, and nobody every turns you upside down to see the pencil I forgot to erase before staining saying 'Bottom!'


  1. Plans? You don't need no stinkin' plans!

    You did an amazing job! Did your dad squeal like a girl when he saw it? He seems like he would squeal. :P

  2. Thanks!

    He totally squealed..Definitely. He's known for his squealing.

  3. super awesome Leah. You did a great job matching. what's next.

  4. I have a rustic-modern bench I want to do...I'm thinking of 'going crazy' and staining it chocolate and either raspberry or (gasp!) turquoise. I need to either learn to sharpen saw blades, or buy a new one since this one is getting dull.