Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bathroom - DONE!

Oh wait, what?  Not the Little Boy's bathroom, the half bath on the first floor huh?!    A YEAR ago we reno'd the half bath.  I can finally call it done today.

It was dire.  Dangerous, ugly, and crooked pedestal sink. Horrible taps that weren't connected properly.  Drain you could pull out of the wall.  Pipes that were visible.  Hideous light mirror from 1993.  Ug-ug-ugly.  I worried every time LB would wash his hands that the sink would finally pull away from the wall and smash him flat.

So, I consulted Contractor Google, Orange & Blue, and various other places.  Found out about removing pedestal sinks, redoing plumbing, installing new faucets and vanities, etc.  Husbeast picked out a wall colour, we jointly picked out a vanity and tap, made new besties with a FAB woman in the plumbing department at Blue - and started to rock it.
Before -

During - (Removing the pedestal, then cutting the pipes so we can install new shut-offs and new pipes up to the sink)
(New shut offs and copper pipe, mirror & light finally removed as well)  Definite Lesson Learned with installing the shut-offs - be prepared for one or both to go flying off and hit the ceiling at the top of a massive geyser when you first turn the water on.  Have lots of towels handy, and maybe don't have the electricity turned on in there.  It's also a good idea to have one person watching the pipes while the other slooooowly turns on the water main, and make sure they can hear each other because when you have an open pipe that's a LOT of water really quickly :(  Once we cranked the hell out of the shut offs (they're a pressure connection doohickey to the copper) I wrapped towels around them, then covered them with a cardboard box until we picked out and installed the vanity.  We were VERY wary of those pipes for a good few weeks ;)

After that it was primer and wall patching.  I removed the inset TP holder and patched the drywall.  Then paint!  Husbeast had chosen Slice by Valspar.  I was dubious to say the least.  Bright yellow?!  In a tiny tiny bathroom?  With high ceilings, what?!  But, it worked!  it's a great choice.  Gosh, you'd think he was an artist or something ;)

We chose a black really simple vanity cabinet and a seamless white marble top -

And I looooooove the light fixture...When it arrived (we bought it online from Orange) I didn't even wait for him to get home from work, I just couldn't.  I had to get it installed and revel in the beauty :)

So, the reason this hasn't been complete for almost exactly a year - We never finished the danged baseboards on either side of the vanity.  Yeah, I've since learnt people usually put them in first, leaving a gap for the vanity.  Ah well, live and learn.

I also bought some small mirrors 6 months ago with the idea of using them on the big wall.  I never put them up because the hangers on the back pissed me off so much I couldn't even look at them without my blood pressure rising (which is my normal reaction to most things at Ikea, but ugh!  So annoying)

My In-law's have been visiting and they've taken Little Boy away for a few days to have adventures.  So I've had a lot of free time.  Finally put up the baseboards (with fresh paint on them!) and the mirrors, and now it's DONE.  Project started 3/7/2010 finished 3/10/2011.  Wow.

Baseboard installed!  And a nice pic of the vanity.  Before we raised the right door up to be level :(
Left pic shows the new TP holder, on the PROPER wall so it's not visible from the hall (yes, I have an issue).  Right pic is obviously the mirrors, hung.  They're just small ~4" mirrors with large black wooden frames.

So, there we have it.  I just hope the 'DONE!' post for LB's bathroom doesn't take 11 more months!


  1. lol about the IKEA mirrors! I bought a set of those same ones and got so angry about trying to hang them I gave up... 4 years later I sold them in a garage sale before moving down here :-P I love the great new bathroom!!!!

  2. They were ridic! I finally had to pre-drill the holes, crank the danged hooks in (I swear, my fingers still hurt and that was months ago!) and then last night I finally hit on the idea of bending the circle part in to the frame, so it would sit closer to the wall. So maddening!

  3. "last night I finally hit on the idea of bending the circle part in to the frame"