Friday, February 4, 2011

Little Boy's Bathroom - Update 3

I forgot I'd said I'd do a pre-done update ;) 

Nothing exciting going on.  It's the final push before it's done!  Mudding went well, primer went on, vanity is coming along.  I've currently got 2 of the 4 walls painted.  The vanity box is stained & polycoated.  The drawer fronts are all in progress and should be done sunday evening (2 more coats on the backs saturday, then 3 coats on the fronts sunday, if I push it).  The toekick and new end-piece are all stained & poly'd, ready to be put back up. 

So -
Cut in & paint 2 walls (door wall, vanity wall).
Touch-up cut-in everywhere, do a second coat of wall paint everywhere
Paint the baseboards that were removed, install
Finish drawer front polycoats, attach to drawer boxes, put back into vanity
Install toekick and new end piece
Install TP holder onto new end piece
Install towel rod
Install a towel hook near the shower
Get artwork up
Take pictures, post to blog ;)

I did a big no-no and did the cutting in for the 2 walls I've painted, the night before I painted them. I then spent the next 12 hours freaking out that the Oops paint was too damned dark.  My fears were ungrounded!  It looks really good, IMO.  Brings out some of the speckles in the flooring, and feels very spa-like.  Not sure how much a nearly-4 year old actually NEEDS a spa-like bathroom, but...
Pics or it didn't happen -
It was still drying when I took this, but I like it :)

LOVE the Dutch Chocolate stain!


  1. Impressive! Most Impressive. Did you stain the cabinets that were already there?

  2. Thanks, lady! Yes, I stripped and stained the existing cabinets! They were such an ugly 90's colour :(

  3. I love the cabinet color! and wall color! Did you know about this stuff before or are you just learning as you go? I don't know any of this what's a toekick?

  4. Thanks so much! Totally learning as I go, for some of it! I had to re-tape & mud a corner of the dining room a year ago (ack...I still haven't primed or painted it. I suck on the follow-through!), so I already knew how to do that. I'd done staining & polycoating on various pieces I've built from Ana's site. The whole 'strip and redo a vanity' was definitely a new one for me, and at first it seems hella-daunting, but it's really just an easy-ish task that takes a long time! (the long time part is waiting for stuff to dry usually) Which is kind of how most of this stuff is. Research the hell out of it, get the right tools/materials, and take your time. Don't cut corners, be patient. Realise it's going to take WAY longer than expected and something will always go 'wrong'. What went wrong today is I now have a head cold. So I've done nothing to the bathroom. Which puts me a day back. Oh well! We have another bathroom!

    The toekick is the vertical piece at the bottom of a vanity or kitchen cabinet that goes to the floor :)

  5. I had never heard of a toekick before...

    I think my main problem is that my husband is pretty sure he knows everything about home improvement stuff (quite annoying!) so there are things I've brought up doing that he is against for whatever reason. He also seems to like everythingy wood no matter how old and/or crappy the wood is! And since we are trying to sell our house I really don't want to invest my time into doing too much... I'll just keep dreaming and living through blog world!

  6. So, what you're saying is he doesn't want to paint every piece of wood in your house turquoise? ;)

    My husband is very anti-painted wood as well. The one saving happiness is the house we bought already had white trim inside, so it's not like I had to convince him we should paint it :)

  7. Who would not one everything turquoise!? I don't get it! ;)

    He is bending, even tonight he agreed to let me paint this little table we got somewhere for free, that I know he said I couldn't paint before...