Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Little Boy's Bathroom - Update 2

So!  Where was I?  Oh yes, I have finished the bulk of the stripping.  All of the doors & drawer-fronts (and backs), and the vanity case itself.  I've removed the dried up old caulk from above the shower/bath, taken down the popped-off tape & joint compound (mud) from the front of the shower (where the shower & drywall meet, above the shower head), re-taped and mudded that.  Finished off the mudding and sanding the hole where the old TP holder was, spackled & filled the holes from the old towel holder.  Cut back the popped drywall tape above the light.  Haven't retaped and mudded that yet.

Pics as of this morning (and looking MUCH more real, since Husbeast showed me how to use the White Balance correction on my camera...sigh)
I am so in love with that giant behemoth of a shop vac!  Friends lent it to us, and I'm totally getting one for myself after this!  I don't worry about clogging my Dyson with 5000 lbs of drywall dust anymore!

Next up is to do another coat of mud above the shower, tape & mud above the light, strip the toekick for the vanity, and then take a bright light over everything that's been stripped, looking for any tiny bits that were missed, strip those.  I need to cut a new end piece for the vanity out of some 1/4" Lauan board I bought the other day, to replace the piece that was there and hiding old mold :(  I also need to stick the vinyl floor back down where I pulled it up to check for mold.

Once everything mudded is dry and sanded I'll clean the heck out of the bathroom, put primer on those bits, then stain the vanity, paint the walls, put the two pieces of baseboard back up, caulk everything, and it'll be done!

See?  No more hole where the TP holder was!  Yay!  Only one more of those type left in the house, and it's in the master bath.  Which I'm thinking of doing when my IL's are here in March :)

Barring anything insane, I'll post more pictures and an update after the primer goes up.  Then after that, it will be a DONE update!


  1. Hi Leah,

    I found you while browsing the forums over at Ana-White - newbie with no tools, an apartment and lots of ideas! Anyway, I saw you were redoing parts of your home and thought you might be interested in this:

    Very doable with your talents, and I think it fits your style. Good luck!


  2. Y'know you can retroactively white balance the before pics when you're done for a fair comparison in the Before and After? It'll never be quite as good as doing it in camera, but you can still make a great improvement on the wee yellow tinge to everything.