Sunday, January 23, 2011

Little Boy's Bathroom - Update 1

So, as of sunday night I have the backs of all the drawers & doors from his vanity stripped.  I'll do the fronts tomorrow.  Found a GREAT water-based low/no VOC indoor use stripper at Blue, saturday - Motsenbocker's Lift Off.  I was at the Build & Grow with LB and afterwards decided to look at strippers because the sanding & stain test I did last week resulted in NO CHANGE to the damned wood.

So, painted on some stripper, waited 5-10 minutes, scraped it off, rinsed it with water and here we go -
The one on the left is one I had sanded for aaaages.  Screw sanding!  Screw you to hell!

After taking off the drawer faces, I found this under one of them.  If THIS was the colour of the vanity, we would never have changed it!

Also removed the in-wall TP holder.  LB was highly distressed by the hole in the wall, and especially the 'pink glass' inside of it.  So he was more than happy to help me patch it - by standing as far away as possible but still barely being able to hand me drywall screws ;)  He DID buck-up enough to help hold the drill for the last screw, and to do the mudding.

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