Sunday, July 22, 2012

Guest Room Crown Moulding

The next room on my list to get the crown treatment is the guest room.  Waaaaay back 4 years ago when I first redecorated that room, I painted it 'Stormy Coast', which I still love.  However, I wasn't very good at edging by hand, so I taped the ceiling where it meets the walls.  When I took the tape off, it pulled off pieces of ceiling :(  So it looked terrible...Plus it started to have the drywall tape issue I mentioned in a previous post.

Not much to tell about this one, 2 of the walls were barely shorter than 12' (the length of my crown moulding), and 2 of them were over 12' by 4.5 inches.  So I have two scarf joints.  The corners were all so bad on this room.  I swear they're 90% caulk :(  So so so bad.  

I'm happy with it though..I need to paint the ceiling, because you can still see spots of primer from the paint-peeling incident of '08, but that can wait for cooler weather.
Before -

During - 

After - 

I really need to hang some things I have set aside for that room!  The walls are crazy bare.

I'm going to take a couple weeks off from moulding though..I have some other projects that need attention.  When I do get back to it the Little Boy's bedroom is next!

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