Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Crowning myself Queen

I've had a bee in my bonnet for a while now about installing crown moulding in all the upstairs bathrooms (2) and bedrooms (4).  Mainly this is a laziness issue, but I also really like crown and our first floor has it, so why not the second??

Because this house is almost 20 years old the drywall tape is starting to separate a bit between the ceiling and wall.  I COULD scrape it out, tape it anew, mud it and spend weeks feathering it all out, then priming and painting both the wall and ceilings...but that's a TON of work, and I really loathe doing drywall repair.  Thus the laziness reason to do the crown install.

I found decent crown that matches the first floor, at Home Depot.  They're 'propack', primed pine.  5 12' lengths in a bundle, for about 46$.  That's a pretty decent price..I painted all of the primed moulding (2 coats) before installing it, so all I'd have to do is touch-ups at the joints & nail holes. I initially tried to use a mitre box for this, but holy wow I just couldn't manage it.  So, I finally bought a sliding compound mitre saw :)

I did the small bathroom on the first floor as a test, because it's small enough for me to do by myself (those 12' lengths are unwieldy for one person!), and it turned out really well (worst room ever to get a picture of, because it's so tiny) -

I then decided to TRY doing the Little Boy's bathroom on my own.  I figured that if I put a couple small nails in the wall right below where the crown would be installed I could rest if on there instead of needing another person to help hold it.  Worked like a charm!
This room the two long walls are 12'4", so I needed to do my first scarf joint...Also, it's really true that "caulk & paint will make you what you ain't."

And here it is all finished...I have another duck picture I could hang, maybe next to the door?  Also, a white shelf that would look decent above the commode, with some glass jars of q-tips and cotton squares?

SO happy with how far this bathroom has come!  My only dislike now is the counter and tap ;)

Next up is crown in the guest room.  Then Little Boy's bedroom...then Husbeast's office, then our bathroom, and FINALLY the master bedroom.  And maybe the laundry room ;)


  1. Husbeast's office has bigger issues than molding right now ;)

    1. Yes, it sure does ;) But we won't talk about those right now lol.